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Monday, May 2, 2011

Big BBQ Salad

This salad has a ton of components.  I mean millions of trillions, and I didn't even use all the ingredients they listed on the original recipe!  To sum it all up there's a bed of mixed greens, corn, black beans, french fried onions, two salad dressings, goat cheese, and bar-b-que sauce.  Oh and you can add chicken if you want. Kind of a mouthful, but very very good.  Either one of the homemade dressings would be good on its own on a salad, but they work together really well.  I'm definitely somebody who likes their food to not have too much going on and somehow this worked for me.  Hope you enjoy!

Big BBQ Salad
adapted from twopeasandtheirpod

Avocado Vinaigrette
 2/3 c. olive oil
1/3 c. rice vinegar
1 medium shallot
3 tbl peach preserves
1 medium ripe avocado

Sour Cream Vinaigrette
2/3 c. olive oil
1/3 c. rice vinegar
1 medium shallot
1 garlic glove, roasted in the oven
2 tbl peach preserves
1 c. sour cream

For the salad

Mixed greens
Goat cheese, crumbled
Black beans, rinsed and drained
French Fried Onions
BBQ Sauce

To make the vinaigrette - put all the ingredients for one of them in a food processor or a blender and mix until smooth, repeat with the other vinaigrette ingredients when the first is done.

To assemble the salad - Make a bed of mixed greens then top with the beans, corn, goat cheese and french fried onions.  Then, drizzle with both vinaigrettes and top off with your favorite bbq sauce.  The originally recipe called for bbq chicken, which would definitely add an extra something to this salad.  Enjoy!



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