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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday Wishes: Solutions.com

I found my way to this website via pinterest, and I can't stop making shocked faces at every item they have on there!  You should seriously go take a look, they have some genius items on there to make your life a little bit easier.  Here are a couple of things that would be great as a gift for someone or for yourself!

<img src=http://image.normthompson.com/solutions/images/us/local/page_specific/productindex/new_bug.gif border=0><br> No more tedious scraping of blades as you mix the dough with this pastry blender.

See that little red tab on the blades of the pastry blender?  It moves from side to side cleaning off the blades for you!  Tell me you didn't just think, why didn't I think of that???

Keep the mess off the counter!
These fun little critters sit on the side of your pot and hold your spoon for you.  No more drippy counters and you get to save every last delicious drop.
<img src=http://image.normthompson.com/solutions/images/us/local/page_specific/productindex/new_bug.gif border=0><br> Now the perfect sushi roll is easy...takes less time, too.

I don't make a lot of sushi (really any), but if I did I'm pretty sure I'd want something like this to help me along.  This sushi roller is great for that sushi lover in your life!



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