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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We're Back! And a Special Cake

Well for the few followers out there, it's needless to say we've been gone from the blogging world for a few months now. I'm not exactly sure how time flew by so fast, but it happened somewhere between public accounting busy season and life in general. But we're back! And ready to catch up with the rest of the baking world.

A few weeks ago my dad officially hung up his lieutenant's hat and started his life as a retired police officer. Naturally there was a party, and naturally there was cake. My sister jumped in to help me this time (thank goodness), and we created the perfect cake for my dad. Keep reading to see the finished product!

My dad loves a good glass of wine, so when we came across this cake idea, we knew we had to do it. I thought the cake would be simple enough, but it wasn't without its ups and downs. After it was all done, my sister and I spent an entire Saturday and an hour or so on Sunday making this cake.

The cake was german chocolate with the traditional filling of coconut and pecans. We used a wood grain impression mat for the fondant side panels and white chocolate shavings on the top. We had to make the fondant bottle twice, for a variety of reasons, but the second one was perfect with the beautiful label made by my sister.

Here is the happy retiree:


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