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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday Wishes: Sno-Cones!!!!!!

Yesterday the Today show showed a map of the temperatures around the U.S. and it had a little animation of a thermometer fanning itself because of the heat.  That little image instantly made me want a sno-cone. (Honestly, pretty much anything makes me want a sno-cone...).  Below are a few gadgets and accessories you'll need to make the perfect icy treat. 

Paragon Little Snowie Shaved Ice Machine

First up is this little gem, The Little Snowie.It may be a little pricey for a sno-cone machine, but how about a go big or go home attitude for this.

Hawaiian Shaved Ice - Snow Cone Syrups - 10 Flavor Pack
Of course you'll need a full range of flavors to satisfy any and all cravings, this set has just about everything including my favorite flavor, blue.  Yes, it's a flavor.
Back to Basics 2-Pack Silicone Cups and Holders, Colors may vary
Last but not least is a sturdy snow-cone cup.  These are silicone, so they're washable, and they come with a little stand so you can put them down while you eat other summer delights like pie, hot dogs, smoked brisket....boy do I love summer foods... I mean, summer. 



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