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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday Wishes

Here at D in the D we've decided that there is a lot of really cute stuff out there that our measly paychecks just can't justify us buying them. So, we thought we'd share what we find on Wednesdays as part of our new "Wednesday Wishes" posts. Some of these might be things we'd really like to buy, but the price tag might seem a little out of our range, and others will just be things that we've found and think are worthy of your time. Of course, these posts are mostly a huge hint out to any family members wondering what gifts we might like, but hopefully these are things that other people would enjoy as well!

First up is the website Rosanna, Inc. Here you can find adorable tableware for those glamorous parties that you throw (or the ones you wish you would throw...). There are many different collections for just about anything you could think of, from ice cream bowls to cake stands. Below are a couple of the collections we liked best:

Decor Bon Bon - Colors Collection -Love the retro design and cheery colors!

Cupcake Collection - How great would this be for a little girl's tea party?

Gelato Collection - Such great colors!

Hope this helps anybody looking for a gift for a hostess or maybe a little gift to themselves!



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