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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Baked Sunday Mornings: Monkey Bubble Bread

Mmmm. This bread not only reminds me of the holidays, but also of my childhood. So this was the perfect third installment to Baked Sunday Mornings. Here it is in all its glory:

I can't tell you how many times I have unraveled a can of biscuit dough to make this morning treat. This recipe veers away from that can, however, and I have to say, it was surprisingly simple. All the mixing is done by the Kitchenaid, and there's no sticky dough to knead. The hardest part of this recipe was waiting for it to finish baking so I could pull off a piece and taste it. It was good. Real good. The brown sugar creates a caramel-like flavor that you don't get with using white sugar.

This would be perfect for breakfast on Christmas morning. And believe me, there won't be any leftovers to clean up.

Happy baking!


Elaine said...

I like how high you were able to build your walls - so pretty. Wasn't this fun to make and eat? My husband said it reminded him of those pull apart rolls at the grocery store and I told him that it often is made with biscuit rolls. I enjoyed making it from scratch and was surprised at how easy it was to make.

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